Foreign Exchange Trades That Can Make You Money

Trading foreign exchange can be relatively easy – and rewarding – provided that you’re willing to put in a lot of time into researching what you want to do and how you want to do it, plus practising on a “demo account” before you go “live”. In forex, knowledge is power. So, spend some quality time on the internet building up your power to trade successfully. Visit the websites of the world’s top central banks. Learn why changes in monetary policy can turn a currency pair around in a hurry (or, propel it even higher heights). Check in on some forex “market makers”, like Deutsche Bank, Barclays or UBS, and read their latest currency-related forecasts and trading recommendations. Last but not least, attend “Chart School” – at “” – and learn why a properly drawn chart is like a laser beam at midnight.
Newbies should use a “demo” and practise with the following trade. Use a 1-hour AUD/USD chart with a “Williams Alligator” and a “Know Sure Thing” indicator for foreign exchange trade signal confirmation.

Use Your Foreign Exchange Research To Find The Best Trades

In foreign exchange, the more research you do before you start any live trading, the better off you will be. This is because forex is the world’s largest capital market, is far more complex than it looks, and is populated by highly experienced bank dealers who know exactly what they want and when (in other words, the “other side” of your trade could be one tough cookie). So, get online and read up about the monetary policies of all major central banks. Check out the foreign exchange research departments of forex’s “big 5” (i. e., Deutsche, Barclays, Citi, UBS and HSBC), reading their forecasts and recommendations. If you have any time left over, go to “Chart School”, at “”, for free.

Technical Analysis Can Help Uncover Foreign Exchange Profits

Technical analysis takes the emotion out of foreign exchange trading. It can show trends, momentum, support and resistance lines, overbought/oversold conditions, volatility levels – just about anything, actually. There are approximately 50 key technical indicators. The more of them that you know how to manipulate, the most successful you will be. For instance, all of the following should make your trading more profitable: “Fibonacci arrays”, “Stochastic RSI”, an “Average True Range” indicator, “Bollinger Bands®”, “Keltner Channels”, an “Awesome Oscillator”, moving averages, a “Fisher Transform”, an “Ichimoku Cloud”, a Know Sure Thing indicator, a “Linear Regression” channel, a “Momentum” indicator, “MACD”, a “SMI Ergodic Indicator”, Williams Alligator and a “Zig Zag” indicator. Typically, you only need 3 to point the way to profitability.

Which Foreign Exchange Positions To Trade To Make Money

If you’ve never traded on a leveraged basis before, open up a “demo account” and practise trading there before you venture into “live trading”. “Demos” provide a risk-free environment to fine-tune your trading strategies. So, stay with your demo account until you are making a profit 6 out of 10 trades, with minimal losses in between. If you want, start off with a 1-hour chart of the AUD/USD, using a Williams Alligator and a Know Sure Thing indicator for trade signal confirmation. The Alligator is composed of 3 moving averages and when the shortest one crosses over all the other ones, you should trade in the direction of the crossover. Be smart: use reduced leverage (i. e., 50:1 or lower).




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