How To Make The Most Money Possible From Foreign Currency Exchange

foreign currency exchange

One of the most difficult things to do, when you’re trading foreign currency exchange, is follow your trading signals to the end of the line (i. e., “ride your profits”). This is particularly difficult when you already have a relatively large profit already in the bag. For instance, during the month of September 2013, the AUD/JPY daily chart had formed a classic, bearish “head-and-shoulders” pattern, indicating a downside target of AUD/JPY 89.0000. By the end of the month, the poor thing was already down 350 pips (representing a 100% profit, if you were leveraged at 50:1 or more), but all of a sudden, starting moving upwards due to scheduled issuance of the Reserve Bank’s monthly monetary policy (interest rates) statement on October 1st. Take the money and run (or hang tough until AUD/JPY 89.0000 is reached)?
Technical indicators can help you deal with such decisions. There are over 50 of them and some of them (like “Fibonacci retracement arrays” or a “Know Sure Thing” momentum oscillator) are exceedingly accurate.

Is Foreign Currency Exchange Success Related To Luck Or Experience?

Becoming a successful forex trader is all about preparation, practice and actually taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. The reason that you have to prepare is that forex is an extremely large capital market with its own complex rhythms and jargon. You cannot learn everything that you need to know overnight; there’s just too much. However, you can get there, particularly if you sign up for a “demo account” and practice trading – in a stress-free environment that doesn’t use your money – until you are making profits on 6 out of 10 trades. Finally, you actually have to trade, in order to profit from forex. Sometimes, it’s altogether too easy to just stand by. Get involved; follow your trading signals.

Necessary Actions To Become A Better Foreign Currency Exchange Trader

The most critical part of becoming a successful forex trader is the development of a trading strategy that works time and time again, under almost all conditions. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be good. In this regard, “trend trading” is a bit easier. For example, open up a “demo” and try the following strategy on for size. Bring up a daily chart of your favourite currency pair and place a Know Sure Thing (“KST”) indicator on it, noting what part of the KST curve the current pricing action is on. Using a very low leverage ratio (i. e., 30:1 or lower), enter into a trade either at the KST “low crossover” or the KST “high crossover”.

Getting More Money From Your Foreign Currency Exchange Trading

A “day trader” is better off with using a pair of moving averages, plus some sort of momentum indicator, to pluck profits from a currency pair’s situation. For instance, the AUD/USD appears to work very well with a 15-minute chart and an 8-period exponential moving average in combination with a 20-period exponential moving average, plus an “Awesome Oscillator” (to gauge momentum) and a “Fisher Transform” (to confirm the crossover signals being generated by the exponential moving averages. Depending upon how much volatility is in the marketplace, you could use a leverage ratio of 100:1 or higher. Given the trading patterns of the AUD/USD, this type of trading strategy seems to work best in the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.



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