Reviewing Forex Brokers: AvaTrade

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The forex market has grown to such a point that now there are numerous options to choose from regardless of what product or service you are looking for. However, the most variety in the forex market is available in the category of forex brokers.

Owing to the fact that brokers with the right licence can operate all over the world while being based in one country, the number of options available to individual traders has increased consistently in the last decade or so.

Despite the cutthroat competition, one of the names that has actually stood out is AvaTrade. Here is a review of this well known name amongst forex brokers and traders alike.


AvaTrade is a truly multinational company that has offices in six different countries apart from Australia. These countries are Japan, China, Ireland, Mongolia, France, and Italy. It was established in 2006 and after a period of steady consolidation it quickly rose to the top of the forex broker list. In fact, in the last four years alone, AvaTrade has managed to receive nine different industry awards.

Basic Facts

AvaTrade manages to be a good solution for all kinds of traders looking for forex brokers i.e. seasoned and novice. It is an extremely flexible service provider which is what allows it to cater to such a variety of clients.

The maximum leverage that AvaTrade provides is to the tune of 1 to 400. Along with this, the minimum deal sizes AvaTrade offers is 5, 000 units, which is limited by margins.

Furthermore, the minimum deposit that AvaTrade would require from you would be 100 American dollars.

Trading Platform

The platforms offered by AvaTrade can support up to 12 languages including Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, English, Chinese, and Taiwanese.

Like most high quality forex brokers, AvaTrade also offers many trading platforms including the industry favoured Meta Trader, its own proprietary platform designed for beginners, and a web based platform. In addition to this, a mobile trading platform and integration with social trading websites are also available.

Unique Qualities

As is the case with all other forex brokers, there are many extra features that AvaTrade offers. For instance, AvaTrade boasts of high quality educational resources that new traders can avail in the form of webinars and eBooks.

Furthermore, it has a live news feed system. Finally, what truly sets AvaTrade apart from other forex brokers in the market is that it offers an AvaTrade debit card which can come in very handy.

Customer Support

AvaTrade is a well known name and the reason for this is simply that the numerous traders it caters to are satisfied with its services. It achieves this with great customer service. AvaTrade can be reached by various media such as emails, chats, and, as is obvious, the telephone.

Most of AvaTrade’s customer service executives are courteous, professional, and know enough about forex trading to be able to help even the more experienced traders.



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